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Repair/Refurb HMS figurine

£900.00 inc. VAT
£750.00 ex. VAT

SKU: RP-HMS Figure

Repair/Refurb HMS figurine – Remove filler from foot, Solder fitting in foot, Polish and plate figure and band, Supply additional bakelite base and band, Engrave addiitoinal names and date onto new band

Broken cups and handles, splits and dents all can be repairs using specialist silverware manufacturing processes including Metal Spinning, Soldering, Hand Polishing, Silver and Nickel Plating, Engraving and Finishing. This enables us to fully repair and refurbish your trophy cups and silverware.

Our repair will repair the damaged club and clean and polish pewter tankards and other items to a bright finish (if required). Each repair is so individual we do need to see images of the item to issue a guide price. Dependant on what is required a new glass bottoms start from £50.00 upwards + return shipping. Lead-time approx 7 working days.In conclusion PLEASE CALL 01697352458 FOR FURTHER DETAILS. Damaged Pewter Figure BD

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