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Circular Disc Engraving Plate

£2.00£2.55 inc. VAT
£1.67 ex. VAT


Circular Disc Engraving Plate Gold Coloured. Ideal for adding engraving requirements on to a disc shape engraving plate. Self adhesive circular gilt coated aluminium disc. This is available in six alternative sizes and engraving can be added to the disc for an additional cost. Please choose a font for the engraving. We we would consider Times Roman as the industry standard. All the text will be centre justified. When all the engraving is completed this will through the gilt coating in a shiny silver colour. If you are not requiring any engraving select the size of plate you require and choose plate only.

Our engravers will endeavour to engrave the order as per your requirements. Some of the smaller sized discs may not fit the your engraving requirements exactly. In this instance the engravers reserves the right to adjust the engraving setup if required.  Circular Disc Engraving Plate

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