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Baseball Trophies

Buy today baseball trophies and softball cups, medals and plaques. Great for your teams end of season presentation or individual performance. Ideal for top pitchers, fielders Player of the Year, Most runs, Most catches etc.

  • Sporting Figure Trophy 19cms

    Baseball Figured Trophy 19cms

    £7.95 inc. VAT
  • Baseball Figured Trophy Female

    £6.25 inc. VAT
  • Baseball Figured Trophy Male

    £6.25 inc. VAT
  • Baseball Flip Box Trophy

    Baseball Flip Box Trophy

    £5.50 inc. VAT
  • bright shiny chrome coloured plastic composite winged cup riser connected to a black marble base

    Budget Priced Sports Cup 13cms

    £8.95 inc. VAT
  • Budget Trophy Blue Chrome

    Budget Trophy Blue Chrome

    £9.25£10.50 inc. VAT
  • Budget Trophy Red Gilt

    Budget Trophy Red Gilt

    £9.25£10.50 inc. VAT
  • First Place Trophy 21cms

    First Place Budget Trophy 21cms

    £9.90 inc. VAT
  • First Place Metal Trophy 13cms

    First Place Metal Trophy

    £11.95 inc. VAT
  • Lightwood Baseball Trophy Plaque

    Lightwood Baseball Trophy Plaque

    £6.40£7.95 inc. VAT
  • Second Place Trophy 19cms

    Second Place Budget Trophy 19cms

    £8.95 inc. VAT
  • Second Place Metal Trophy 11.5cms

    Second Place Metal Trophy

    £9.95 inc. VAT
  • Gold coloured budget trophy with a 3rd place activity centre added.

    Third Place Budget Trophy 17cms

    £7.95 inc. VAT
  • Third Place Metal Trophy 10cms

    Third Place Metal Trophy

    £8.50 inc. VAT