Broken trophies can be repaired

Broken trophies can be repaired

trophy repair services

Trophies by their nature are objects that represent significant events  in our lives. We want to remember and we want the reminder of that event to last a long time too.

Floating trophies, used for annual events, can lead a bit of a hard life – being presented to various teams, shared, moved around a lot and waved about during the presentation. Occasionally they get dropped, kicked, squashed or scratched and the finish is ruined or damage incurred. It doesn’t have to be the end of the trophy as a lot of damage can be repaired on cups and vessels.

We specialise in rejuvenating and repairing all types of trophies, flasks, jugs and tankards.

  • Removing dints
  • Repairing leaks
  • Replating old scuffed cups
  • Engraving19
  • Polishing

We work with carefully selected top UK silversmiths and pewter craftsmen to ensure the best finish is achieved.

Silver re-plating repairs

Blackened trophy in need of replating

Blackened trophy in need of replating

Our team of skilled craftsmen offers top-notch silver repair, trophy refurbishment, and replating services. We understand that old and antique pieces require extra attention and care to restore them to their original value and shine. From highly valuable silver trophies to electro plated nickel silver and modern silver plated items, we undertake most types of restoration services.

You can request a quotation for your silver repair or replating by emailing us at online trophies or by giving us a call.

Polishing Services

Sterling silver trophies can be polished to a high finish – giving them a new lease of life and allowing for them to be presented with pride. Our polishers are mindful of engraving and textures and the whole process will enhance the cup or plate without damage.

Pewter Award Cup Repair

A pewter cup stem in need of repair.

Pewter Repairs

We will happily undertake repairs on pewter tankards and hipflasks:

  • Splits to lips or body
  • Handle repairs
  • Dint removal
  • Cup stem re-attachment
  • Reshaping
  • Hole repair
  • Scratch removal
  • Tankard glass bottom replacement

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Just looking for trophy spare parts?

We stock a full range bases, shields, nuts, washers, ferrules and pretty much anything else you’ll need to fix your broken or missing awards.

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